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mischievous louis

mischievous louis


  • Me: Im a summer person!
  • Me: *Stays inside for the entire summer*
  • Friend: So what do you do for a living?
  • Me: I hunt and kill aliens.
  • Friend: What?Aliens don't exist,dummy.
  • Me: Have you ever seen an alien?
  • Friend: No.
  • Me: You're fucking welcome!


Fuck this fandom for making Harry feel like he had to apologise for reacting negatively to being stalked.

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i feel like one direction is staying quiet for all this time, then in the fall we’re gonna get hit with so much shit  out of no where, we’re gonna be broke by christmas

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what one direction is like 90% of the time vs what they’re actually capable of (not my audio; x  x)